Premium Digital Visual Interface


Transparent Premium DVI Cable has been designed to extract the most accurate and satisfying performance possible from the digital video format. Systems that use Transparent Premium DVI do not need the inline signal boosting or optical conversion that ordinary DVI cables require over long lengths. With PDVI you will enjoy a cleaner, brighter picture with more vibrant, lifelike colors.

Transparent’s custom designed, gold plated DVI connectors and termination techniques insure accurate digital signal transfer. This high performance precision manufactured cable has 2 shields – a 100% coverage foil shield and a 90% coverage oxygen free, high purity copper braided shield – to provide superior protection from outside interference. The high purity copper center conductor has greater surface area than typical DVI cables which further aids digital transfer. Premium DVI gives even better color fidelity and freedom from noise, over longer runs, than our High Performance DVI cable.

Premium DVI is the best cable available to use over long lengths.

Depending on space contraints, you can choose from two types of custom-made adaptors to convert HPDVI to the HDMI format.




HDMI Adaptor