PowerBank 8


The PowerBank 8 has 8 hospital grade outlets, 4 switched and 4 unswitched. The first stage of filtering provides RF noise suppression. The second stage of filtering provides wideband filtering, down to approximately 1000 Hz. In addition to PowerBank 8's main filtering, two outlets have extra isolation filtering for digital and video components. The PowerBank 8 has a 2-meter, 10-gauge high current power cord. The Powerbank 8 can be mounted with the included rackmount brackets or sit on a standard component shelf with the rackmount brackets removed.

The PowerBank 8 features the security of surge protection without any of the performance drawbacks normally associated with surge protectors. Only Transparent gives you peace of mind without compromising in any way the music or picture that your system produces. After extensive research, Transparent developed an avalanche-diode design that gives the ultimate in protection; this is offered on all of our PowerBank and PowerIsolator products.

PowerBank 8 also has a full complement of LED indicators to show power and filtering activity, and will indicate a line fault if the AC outlet is wired incorrectly.

Transparent PowerBanks significantly expand your power conditioning capabilities. Groups of hospital grade outlets are dedicated to special functions: switched, for a variety of equipment; unswitched, for source components and preamps that should remain "always on"; and digital components that benefit from extra filtration and isolation.