High Performance Inwall Speaker Cable (2 or 4 Conductor)


HP14-2 or HP14-4 Speaker Cable with High Performance Brick


Turn your music room, home theatre, kitchen — any room in the house — into a music-filled space without the clutter of speaker wires. Add the High Performance Brick network to our HP14-2 or HP14-4 (14 AWG) inwall speaker cable: The speakers will function electrically as if they had traditional cables running directly from the amp, yet visually, the short runs behind the speakers will disappear into the wall and leave your space looking simple — especially important if you have 5 channels!

Some customers want the highest performance possible, but they want the cable “to be heard and not seen.” Transparent offers 6 levels of high performance CL-rated (fire retardant) speaker cables for installation in walls or under floors, and 7 levels of installer attachable networks. This range of choices allows you to make the ideal match with your performance expectations and budget. Upgrades are easy. The wide array of Brick networks means that you may upgrade your networks for increased performance, at any time in the future, without disturbing a thing in your domestic environment. Combined with the appropriate network, Transparent's speaker cables significantly reduce the “antenna effect” of long speaker cable runs and transfer all audio frequencies more accurately than nonnetwork speaker cables.