MusicWave Speaker Cable


MusicWave delivers a full measure of naturalness and musical color on all types of program material. Compared to other brands of cable at its price point, MusicWave not only has generous conductor mass, it also has the special Transparent network to protect your system from noise. With its more complex network, MusicWave delivers deeper, tighter bass frequencies and transfers music with more refinement than The Wave 100. MusicWave is available in high quality banana, spade or special-order termination.




MusicWave Biwire Speaker Cable


If you want the performance of MusicWave cable, but your speakers have been designed to benefit from biwiring, this cable will help to bring out their best. MusicWave Biwire incorporates double tails on the speaker end so that both the treble and the bass binding posts receive the signal directly from the cable. MusicWave Biwire provides a far better-sounding connection than the brass jumper-plates that come with most biwire speakers.