Reference Single Ended Interconnect


From the OFHC tellurium copper RCA contacts to the precision hand crafted network, Reference Interconnect can help keep you on track as you assemble components for the ultimate music reproduction system. Every Reference Interconnect is made with great care, by hand, and optimized for its specific length.










Reference Balanced Interconnect


Each channel of Reference Balanced Interconnect has 2 beautifully finished modules, each housing a precision matched network for each signal carrying conductor. The circuit separation eliminates interference in this extraordinary differentially balanced cable. This balanced cable is used in the best recording studios, throughout the world.







Reference Phono Interconnect


Using all that we learned in developing our Reference XL cables, we set about to make the finest phono interconnect ever created. We designed a precision network to protect the delicate phono signal from external noise, and optimize the transfer of the analog signal. Each cable is hand assembled and calibrated in a multistage process that ensures optimum performance, regardless of the length. As with all our Reference and Reference XL cables, only our most experienced cable builders are trained to assemble cables to these exacting standards. If you love records, this is the cable for your turntable.

All of us at Transparent Audio enjoy listening to LP's for their unique naturalness and ease. In fact, records figure largely in the listening laboratory when we're designing and evaluating our products. Transparent Phono Interconnects are terminated with high quality, gold plated RCAs at both ends, but we can make XLR, Fischer or other custom terminations to fit your phono preamplifier or tonearm. If your tonearm has DIN outputs, use our DIN-to-RCA Wiring Harness with a Transparent Phono Interconnect.