Opus MM Speaker Cable consists of many heavy strands of individually insulated oxygen-free copper. We specifically chose the strand size for its low noise, low resonance properties in audio signal applications. OPUS MM is so quiet and resolving that final adjustments to the network require tolerances to 1/100 of an ohm and 1 picofarad. The extremely quiet listening environment provided by the new Transparent Music and Film Studio was instrumental to the development of OPUS MM. To keep resonance from obscuring the nuances of the music signal as it travels through the cable and network, a large mass of epoxy damping material encapsulates the Opus MM network, which is then encased with carbon fiber. The network pod sits upon a thick acrylic plinth supported by four adjustable feet, to insure stable 4-point contact and decouple the network from room borne resonance. OPUS MM unleashes thrilling levels of performance in low level information retrieval and dynamics and creates a wide-open conduit through which your favorite music can flow.